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SourceForge Logo Here you can do some experiments with Rascal. The computation time is restricted to about 10 secs to prevent high load on server. Have a look at the documentation or at the examples. If you see wrong plots reload may help. You job is cancelled as soon someone else accesses this page, so consider a local installation.
Rascal-toolbox-0.3.4 (C) 2001,2002 Sebastian Ritterbusch

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 "rascal.rc loaded, predefined e, i, pi"
>"Taylor Arithmetics (forward automatic differentiation)";

>f(taylor[5 1 0],2)
 taylor[16 -3 -1]
>f(5,taylor[2 1 0])
 taylor[16 8 0]
>fx(x,y)=f(taylor[x 1],taylor[y 0])(2);
>fy(x,y)=f(taylor[x 0],taylor[y 1])(2);
>"(df/dx)(5,2) and (df/dy)(5,2)";
>[fx(5,2) fy(5,2)]
 [-3 8]
>"d(fx)/dy and d(fy)/dx";
>[fx(5,taylor[2 1]) fy(taylor[5 1],2)]
 [taylor[-3 1] taylor[8 1]]
>"Thus (df*df)/(dx*dy)(5,2) is 1.";

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