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SourceForge Logo Here you can do some experiments with Rascal. The computation time is restricted to about 10 secs to prevent high load on server. Have a look at the documentation or at the examples. If you see wrong plots reload may help. You job is cancelled as soon someone else accesses this page, so consider a local installation.
Rascal-toolbox-0.3.4 (C) 2001,2002 Sebastian Ritterbusch

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 "rascal.rc loaded, predefined e, i, pi"
>j=complex(0,1);A=[1 2 3;4 5 6;7 8 9+j];det(A)
 [(-5/3-i) (2/3+2*i) -i;(4/3+2*i) (-1/3-4*i) (2*i);-i (2*i) -i]
 [(126637163139+38369970030*i) (155717297952+46744660014*i) (181075000758+66497896083*i);(287154044052+85609635096*i) (353089827561+104280392796*i) (410711105220+148755162030*i);(438695369670+160414880815*i) (539521289676+195713654396*i) (624965058890+270375238512*i)]
 [(840288638/81+919422896/243*i) (-2772412796/243-3657330944/243*i) (396713350/81+671299379/81*i);(-3910102954/243-3156033952/243*i) (2697569555/243+8159958784/243*i) (-296388392/81-158868874/9*i);(187464262/27+1926677029/243*i) (-213548674/81-4333070152/243*i) (23741509/81+82648486/9*i)]
 [1 0 0;0 1 0;0 0 1]

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