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SourceForge Logo Here you can do some experiments with Rascal. The computation time is restricted to about 10 secs to prevent high load on server. Have a look at the documentation or at the examples. If you see wrong plots reload may help. You job is cancelled as soon someone else accesses this page, so consider a local installation.
Rascal-toolbox-0.3.4 (C) 2001,2002 Sebastian Ritterbusch

Enter 'help' for help or 'licence' for information about licence and warranty.

 "rascal.rc loaded, predefined e, i, pi"
 [([   1.4142135623,   1.4142135624]+[   2.8284271247,   2.8284271248]*i);X^3+([  -3.5857864377,  -3.5857864376]+[  -0.1715728753,  -0.1715728752]*i)*X^2+([   1.4142135623,   1.4142135624]+[  -3.3847763109,  -3.3847763108]*i)*X+([ -42.4264068712, -42.4264068711]+[  21.2132034355,  21.2132034356]*i);""]
 ([   4.9999999999,   5.0000000001]+[-2.2569491536E-036,2.2569491536E-036]*i)

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